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We appreciate you have chosen Gateway Express as your trusted logistics provider, relying on us daily to help your business run more efficiently. Getting the most value possible from your business partners has never been more important, especially when these relationships play a crucial role in our customer's strategic operation.



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2015 Update


I’ve yet to meet any business owner that has told me what a breeze his or her time in business has been. If I hear someone say anything close to that, my mind instantly goes to “Yeah Right”!

Business is and always will be an ever evolving process. Nothing stays the same for very long in business. Market conditions, economy, competitors, technology, cash flow, HR, just to name a few of the more critical elements of running a successful enterprise.

Gateway Express are no exception. We have certainly faced our challenges during our 17 years of operation, some more serious than others. However the important lesson learnt through all of these challenges and the reason why we have persevered, when at times we really did feel like throwing the towel in, are OUR CUSTOMERS. The rewards, mostly emotional, when our customers business runs more efficiently due to our efforts, is enormous and is what motivates us daily.

2015 has been a truly exciting year of growth for Gateway Express. Our continued push into being an integrated logistics provider supporting a wide range of delivery services, is proving to be what the marketplace is looking for, particularly for the SME sector. We are looking forward to another year of growth in 2016 and take this opportunity to thank our customers and suppliers for their support in 2015.

Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.

Pete Quirke
Managing Director


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Season's Greetings from Gateway Express


Gateway Express Technology Solutions now offers integration with 3 widely used global e-commerce store front providers, Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce.

Increase productivity and connectivity with your ecommerce customers through Gateway Express GETOnline shipping technology. To lean more contact Gateway Express Technology Solutions 0800 920 2000

Megento Shopify WooCommerce


Many New Zealand organizations are using up to 4 logistics suppliers to provide for their specific delivery needs.

  • across town urgent
  • nationwide document & parcel
  • nationwide freight - transport
  • international document /  parcel
  • international freight forwarding

These types of organizations may have only limited transactions for each of these delivery services however are compiled to have accounts open with all.

Gateway Express provides an integrated approach to logistics where through our partnerships with leading logistics operators we provide competitive pricing through our buying leverage and a one stop shop.

Gateway Express – Our Trusted Partners

UPS – United Parcel Service
International Parcel
DSV Air & Sea
International Logistics
Courier Post
New Zealand Parcel
Just Freight NZ Ltd
New Zealand Domestic Road Freight
PFT – Peter Fletcher Transport
South Island
XCOURIERS Wellington
GT-EX Global Transportation
Australian Distribution


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