Which delivery option do I need?

  1. Absolute fastest direct delivery possible.
  2. Fastest mainstream with secure delivery
  3. Longer delivery at a lower cost? 
  4. Convenient, desk-top shipping solutions & personalised service. 
  5. Security, track & trace 24/7. Product ownership process.

Whats the deal on how well my goods need to be packed?

This is not how you want your valuable package to arrive at it's destination.

Do you need:

  1. To have items packed professionally by Gateway Express.
  2. Bubble wrap
  3. Cardboard box
  4. Tape
  5. Labels

What does the term "Volumetric Weight" mean and what effect does it have on the cost of delivery?

  1. Volumetric weight calculator
  2. How can I minimise the effect of volumetric weight?
  3. Does volumetric weight apply to all delivery charges?
  4. Does volumetric weight vary country to country?

What Documentation do I need to prepare?

  1. Gateway Express international airway bill - documents only
  2. Gateway Express international airway bill & commercial invoice/customs declaration - non documents only
  3. Preparing documentation through Gateway Express' e-services on-line shipping process.
  4. Communicating with Gateway about international documentation.



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